Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi Everyone! This is my very first time bloggin' and my very first post! 

My three baby girls are the reason I fell in love with the teaching world.

My very first product was Sight Word of the Day Reading and Writing Fluency.
These sight word practice pages are simple and fun. There are 2 pages of every sight words.

1. Your students can color it, rainbow write or my kids prefer just simply trace the inside.

2. Find and circle the sight word of the day.

3. Trace, Box, Write sight word of the day

4. Read and Find the specified sight word and color the box.

5. Cut the letters at the last page of the packet, Build it and Paste the letters correctly.

6. Read the sight words phrases and highlight the sight word of the day.

On the second page really focus on writing. I'm a believer that writing practice makes your kids a better reader and makes them think!!

1. Read and write the sight word of the day in the box.

2. Simply Read and Re-Write (copy) the short sight word stories / phrases.

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